Smart Botanic Hackathon

Smart Solutions in the Yerevan Botanical Garden


About Hackathon


  • SmartCity Innovation Center
  • Internet Society Armenia Chapter
  • Internet of Things Special Interest Group
  • Yerevan Botanical Garden

The goal is to develop ideas for smart solutions for the Yerevan Botanical Garden, which will help make the processes of managing, caring for and serving the visitors more efficient with the use of modern technologies.

After the start of the hackathon, the process of receiving funding applications for the implementation of ideas will be organized.

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The application for participation must be completed by November 5 inclusive.

If you think you know effective options for transforming a botanic garden, if you know how to use IT to have a smarter botanic garden, or if you know what data can be used to manage a botanic garden more effectively, sign up for Smart Botanic hackathon.

Who can participate?

Anyone with experience in developing automated solutions or IoT devices can participate in the hackathon, either individually or as a team.

To participate, you need to fill out an application here. In the co-authorship section of the application, please specify the team with which you are collaborating. Teams can be formed either prior to or at the commencement of the hackathon, and the maximum team size is limited to 5 members.

Applicants from other countries can also participate in the hackathon online. The hackathon will be broadcast online with English translation for participants from abroad.

The deadline for registration is until November 5, inclusive.

When and where?

The hackathon will be organized in three phases



Submitted prototypes will be evaluated by a jury and the best three participants will receive prizes:

Participants from abroad will present their smart solutions online in the format of a presentation

The following prizes are intended for the participants in the online format:

The goal and objectives of the hackathon

In recent years, the Yerevan Botanical Garden has changed its approach. In addition to being a unique scientific center, it strives to become a center for the application of eco-education and clean technologies, as well as an accessible and comfortable recreation area for the citizens of Yerevan. A number of projects aimed at the improvement of the botanical garden are being implemented. The largest is the project for the creation of the "Garden of Life", within the framework of which improvement of an area of about 35 hectares is planned.


The main entrance

Garden of Life

However, there are many problems that require solutions:


Implement 24/7 surveillance across the 80-hectare park, with a specific emphasis on early fire detection


Utilize state-of-the-art technological solutions to guarantee the irrigation of the entire botanical garden area


Implement cutting-edge automated solutions to ensure efficient garden care with minimal manual labor


Integrate energy-efficient and automated systems into the collection greenhouse and greenhouse management

Modern Solutions

Modern technological solutions are already widely used in various botanical gardens, improving plant care, conservation and safety measures, and feedback to visitors. Here are some specific IoT solutions that can be implemented to achieve these improvements:

  • Environmental monitoring

    To monitor the microclimate in the garden with temperature and humidity sensors

    Air quality sensors detect air pollutants that can affect plant health. Timely notifications can help mitigate potential problems

  • The soil moisture level is monitored using soil moisture sensors. Automatic irrigation systems can adjust irrigation schedules based on real-time data, preventing overwatering and overspending

    A soil nutrient sensor cell measures soil nutrient levels to ensure plants are getting the nutrients they need

  • Thanks to the image recognition capabilities of plant health cameras, plant health monitoring is carried out

  • Thanks to intelligent irrigation systems that adjust irrigation schedules based on real-time data from soil sensors and weather forecasts, ensures optimal soil moisture levels

    Controlled environments. Greenhouse conditions including temperature, humidity and light are managed using IoT solutions. Automated systems can create an ideal environment for sensitive or rare plant species

  • A mobile application that provides visitors with interactive maps, guided tours and detailed information about plant species. The app may also offer notifications about current events or tours

  • Security cameras and sensors ensure the safety of the botanical garden and its valuable plants by monitoring unauthorized access, vandalism or theft

  • With a centralized management panel, garden maintenance and decision-making staff can monitor sensor data, receive alerts and analyze historical data to make effective decisions about plant care and garden management

    Thanks to the analysis of the collected data, the health of plants, water use and other important parameters are predicted

  • By using energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems and renewable energy sources it is possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • How to apply to participate in the hackathon?

    Click on the registration link on this page, fill out the application, you will receive a confirmation of registration.

  • You can apply to the hackathon until 23:59 November 5, 2023.

  • Individuals aged 16 and above with experience in developing automated and IoT devices are eligible to participate.

  • The number of team members for the hackathon can range from 2 to 5 individuals.

  • Yes, you can register alone, but you will have the opportunity to join a team. We will assist you in finding a teammate during the preparatory meeting at the Botanical Garden on November 7th and at the beginning of the hackathon on November 18th.

  • Indeed, teams are primarily assembled during the registration phase. However, if you register alone and don't have a teammate, we will assist you in finding one. This can occur either on November 7th during the preparation meeting at the Botanical Garden or on November 18th at the start of the hackathon.

  • You can view the hackathon agenda on the website: or download it using this link: https://iot-hackathon/docs/agenda_am.pdf

  • For any additional inquiries not covered here, feel free to reach out to in[email protected] or contact +3749 3679 699.

  • Yes, you can change your idea after registration. Simply email [email protected] with a description of your new idea. The consulting team will review it, and you'll receive a response within two days indicating whether your new idea has been accepted.

  • After the conclusion of the hackathon, the organizers and partner organizations will initiate a fundraising campaign to financially support the winning teams and bring their ideas to fruition in the Botanical Garden.

  • Yes, during the meeting on November 7, you'll have the chance to delve into the issues facing the Botanical Garden. Additionally, you'll get acquainted with the consulting team, refine your idea, and identify any additional tools and components you might need during the hackathon.

  • There are no specific sleeping conditions provided during the hackathon, but there will be sofas and warm blankets available for participants to rest if needed.

  • During the preparatory meeting at the Botanical Garden on the first and last days, there will be a coffee break with various drinks and sweets. During the hackathon, each participant will be provided with a four-course meal, and tea, coffee, drinks, and sweets will be available throughout the event.

  • Each team is required to have at least one laptop and the necessary electronic components for developing their prototype. If additional equipment or tools are needed, it should be discussed in advance with the consulting team during the initial meeting at the Botanical Garden or requested separately.

  • During this session, they will deliver a brief presentation about their idea and demonstrate the functionality of the prototype.

    For foreign teams participating online, they will have the opportunity to present their idea through a 10-minute presentation.

  • If you need additional tools or equipment beyond what is provided, please inform the hackathon organizers or the consulting team in advance. You can communicate this during the Botanic Garden meeting or contact us separately at least one week before the hackathon.

  • Essential tools for prototyping, such as flat blades, cutters, multimeters, and soldering accessories, will be available during the hackathon. However, if you require additional tools, it's important to discuss this with the hackathon organizers or the consulting team in advance.

  • The prototype should be functional and provide a general representation of the solution to the problem. Some functionality can be simulated; for instance, if the solution necessitates a cellular connection, the prototype can use a WiFi connection. Similarly, if a pump motor is required in the actual system, alternative equipment can be connected in the prototype, etc.